i spy with my little eye

so the other day, as aaron and i were walking to the beer engine for our date (which was super-fantastic, in case you're wondering), there was a little window display that caught my eye. 

i have this little love for vintage things.  i don't know why.  maybe it's because there's a story behind them.  maybe it's because it was part of a time period in which i would never be able to experience first-hand.  maybe it's me subconsciously longing for simpler times?  hmmm...i really don't know. 

anyway, the little window display that caught my eye showcased a stunning vintage blue dress.

i think to myself: oooooh!  that's new.  is that a vintage store??

my husband noticed my hesitation to continue on to our final destination.

yes, we can stop by there and take a look. [he read my mind!  how did he do that?]

we take a short detour.  as we approach: shop closed.  drats!

the lights inside were on, so i peeked in to see if i could figure out what the place was all about.  not much inside except for a gal busy on her sewing machine.

she was so sweet and invited us in for a bit.  as it turns out, she runs a little business specializing in custom-made vintage reproduction dresses called porshes place.  all the photos you see in this post are some of my personal favorites from her etsy shop.

aren't they fantastic?  anyway, i thought i'd share one of my newest 216 finds.  be sure to keep her in mind the next time you're looking for that perfect vintage dress!


wordless wednesday::my strawbaby

wordless wednesday :: my strawbaby

wordless wednesday :: my strawbaby

wordless wednesday :: my strawbaby

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:: 4/12 ::

my sweet baby cash,

i admit, this post comes a week late.  with all the birthdays, birthday parties, and father's day this past week, i haven't gotten a chance to do this post until now.

it's hard to believe i can't call you a newborn anymore.  just a baby. but i'm so glad that sweet baby smell has not disappeared!

baby boy, i just want to eat you up and swallow you whole, you are so cute!  i love your sweet smiles and giggles each time i look at you.  or that little laugh that escapes from your mouth when your sister talks sweetly to you.  sometimes i just want to smother you, i love you so much.  i know.  that sounds a little on the crazy side, but i think that's probably the best way to describe how i feel about you (and your other siblings, of course).
i want so badly for all the little moments we experience together to s.l.o.w. d.o.w.n.  but most times they zoom right past me before it stays impressed in my mind.  i'm looking forward to watching you change and grow, though.  and i'm trying my best to treasure each baby-mommy moment we have together. 

*sigh* you are such a sweet, sweet gift!  i love you!


happy father's day!

to the father of my children:

i love you dearly.  thank you for the time you invest in our kids, and the steadfast love and patience you show them.

happy father's day to all the daddies.  your presence, love and time with your children are invaluable and will always be remembered in their hearts.


stewardship :: they're not really mine

last week's sermon was a great reminder for me as a parent (even though it was primarily addressed to daddies) that children are gifts from God.  within our day to day living, it is easy to forget that God has entrusted our children under our care so that we can train them up to love Jesus and love others.  ultimately, parents are stewards of God's children.  though we call them our own, they belong to the Lord.  

the post below is a re-post from 10.20.2009, but last sunday's sermon made me think of it and thought i'd share it again.  

peace out!

when i've talked about stewardship before, our material possessions have been the key focus.  how can we be good stewards of the money God has entrusted us with?  how can we be good stewards of our home, our food, our car, our clothes?  how can we teach our kids to be good stewards of their things and keep them for developing a consumerist mentality?

but something that has not been overly emphasized in our home is the fact that God has also entrusted us with people.  more specifically, a spouse, children, and even our own bodies.

in all honesty, i don't see my husband or my children as belonging to God.  i see them as mine.  my husband.  my kids.  but in reality, God has graciously provided me with a loving and caring husband.  and it is God who has graciously blessed me with our children.  they belong to Him, and He has entrusted them to me.

i think using that perspective has helped me view my family in a totally different light.  my husband is special because he belongs to the Lord.  my children are special because they too belong to the Lord.  how can i be a good steward of my family?  by treating them with respect, love, and extra-care because they belong to someone else, and someday i have to return them.

this perspective is also especially freeing to me when it comes to raising, training, and teaching our children.  our children are our special treasures, entrusted to us by God.  we as parents have a clear job to do, but there comes a point when we have to let them go.  because they belong to the Lord.  when i had my miscarriage, i remember in the midst of my grieving rejoicing in the fact that our sweet baby was where he (or she) was meant to be...back to where (s)he belonged.  i know what i need to do as a parent, and part of being a parent is learning to let go of our children and handing them over to God (easier said than done!).

because really, they belong to Him, and He has entrusted them to me.


gone fishing: the early worm gets the fish?

about a week ago i mentioned that we were going on a little family fishing adventure as part of national fishing and boating week.  we chose a fishing spot close to our home, and the weather was perfect for a time spent outside.

take a look at this little clip to get a taste of what we experienced...

*many thanks to brunner and recreational fishing and boating foundation for providing this fun opportunity for our family!


the teen years: v. 1.4

so the teen saga continues and has an upgrade as we wish our eldest a happy 14th b-day!!!

my little boy is no more as you are becoming your own man and you're working on finding out who you are. you are an amazing big brother and you serve faithfully at our church.  while we may have our disagreements in the future, know that i'm very proud of you and you will aways be my buddy. i love you son and happy birthday. i hope your day is special and wonderful.



happy birthday baby girl...

today our only daughter is turning 5 years old. gone are the days of babbling, toddling, and being messy.
you are growing up to be an amazing young lady and it is a joy and blessing to be your daddy. there are so many things that you do that i can't begin to list them all, but i know that you brighten any room you enter. you are such a special girl and i want you to know that 2 of my favorite things in this whole world is when you meet me at the door when i come home from work and our daddy/daughter dates. (side note: to all the daddies out there, this is something you better be doing with your daughters or you aren't doing your job). you help make this family what it is and what it is to be. 
so happy birthday baby girl, i love you tremendously and your mom and i are so proud of you. enjoy your special day!



wordless wednesday::a special night

first formal dance complete with fancy suit and pretty date!

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new digs

last month we had the pleasure of stopping by the grand RE-opening party for salty not sweet, a handmade boutiqe and letterpress studio now located in ohio city.
sandwiched right between room service (another fantastic local shop) and voodoo monkey tattoo (the only place where we get our tattoos in cleveland), i think they are a great addition to the w. 25th area.

the new home looks amazing and was bustling with people.
if you're looking to support a local business then be sure to take some time and check.this.place.out!


new listing :: papa was a rollin' stone

these newly listed cards on my etsy shop were fun to make.  why?  well, primarily because i was able to reuse something!  hooray!
we have stacks of old rolling stones magazines in our room.  i can't bear to just recycle them.  it just seems like a waste of paper.  do you know what i mean?

so, a few cuts with the paper cutter, a bit of folding here, a bit of folding there, and voila...
a card fit for the best dad in the whole wide world!  come see more over at the shop.


gone fishing: the beginning

the last and only time i caught a fish was in elementary school.  that was a long time ago.  so long ago in fact that i really don't remember all the details.  just little snippets: sunshine, quiet, the smell of an old life vest, and capturing a lone fish (maybe we caught more, but i don't really remember).

after that, the only fish i ever caught were nice, juicy pieces of sashimi in my mouth.

photo credit
this weekend we have a plan.  we have a plan to try out some fishing fun with the whole family.  even the baby (though he will most likely be a spectator).  and the time frame also happens to coincide with the start of national fishing and boating week.  whaddaya know!

usually you have to get a fishing license in order to fish, but during national fishing and boating week most states will be offering free fishing days.  unfortunately, ohio's was in may.  but kids under 16 years old are able to fish for free.  so i think our plan is to just have the kids fish.  if this ends up being something fun we enjoy, then maybe we'll look into a fishing license for the adults.  maybe.

i like to eat fish.  this saturday i'll find out if i like to catch fish too.


wordless wednesday::safety first

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