summer is...

lounging in the warm weather...

sandy feet and the beach...

splash parks...

picnics and barbecues...

i wish this warm weather could last forever!


evergreen state vacation :: 8

finally! this is the LAST installment of our vacation. i don't know how a 1.5 week vacation took 3 weeks to post.

upon returning from seattle, we took the last day in spokane to just *chill* as a family unit. we had to get up VERY early the next day for the airport so it was nice to not have to be somewhere or have any specific plans for the last day of our vacation.

we ended back in riverfront park to bum around for a bit.

emma (and gibson) rode on her very first carousel, with daddy's help. you're really never too old to enjoy an old fashioned carousel ride!

and to wrap up the evening, gibson decided he was going to show off and roll over (twice!) for us. except that we all missed it. we just saw the before and after (both times...i feel bad). fortunately, he's rolled over a few more times for us once we got home so that we could actually witness the milestone :).

and if you just can't get enough of it all, for a full photographic experience of our washington state trip go here and here and here and here!


hey you home managers....

...just to follow up on melissa's link she shared on her blog yesterday, this post is the last in the series. thought it might be encouraging for all you home managers out there!

peace out!


this just in...

once again i did the happy pee-pee dance of joy.

we are officially done (and i mean *done*) with diapers for emma. she decided that she wanted to try bed time with panties...so that's what we put her in last night. just panties. and this morning everything seemed dry as a desert. hooray!

good on ya emma!


evergreen state vacation :: 7

the day after was a time for family and close friends to gather over brunch at mom and dad's house. for many, it was the last day to see each other before parting ways until the next time (whenever that may be).

aaron was grill master for all the steaks we cooked up, while dad flipped and served up i don't know how many pancakes.

nothing beats steak as part of your breakfast. and like a true koesoemawiria, emma especially likes to chomp on the steak bone.

the following day, aaron, emma, gibson and i took a drive over to the PNW. tyler opted to stay with ibu and grandpa to soak up as much cable tv as he can before he goes home (ha, ha).

it was a familiar drive. one that we haven't taken in ages. it's funny how what used to be a tedious drive, all of a sudden becomes a journey filled with memories.

we enjoyed plenty of deeelicious coffee (and cupcakes at cupcake royale), and marveled at how much the emerald city has changed since the last time we were there 3 years ago.

unfortunately, our visit to seattle was so brief that we didn't get to visit with everybody. however, it was nice to be able to see some of our old friends (and emma was also very excited in meeting some new friends...friends that until that point, she has only met through photos).

more photos here.



to my BFF...

thank you for taking this lifelong journey with me.

thank you for loving me.

thank you for filling my life with joy, beauty and laughter.

thank you for the many ways you selflessly care for me and lift me up; it is a beautiful reminder of just how much our God loves us.

His light shines in you, my love.

happy anniversary!


wordless wednesday::sleeping beauties

enjoying her grandbaby...more wordless wednesday here and here.


evergreen state vacation :: 6

the big day has arrived! as we got ready everyone was buzzing with excitement.

the ceremony was beautiful, incorporating filipino and indonesian rituals through out. i got to dance to a few songs with my dear husband before little emma decided she was *done* and planted herself in the middle of the parking lot. gibson on the other hand was yet again content to sleep and be passed around through out the night.

more photos here.
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