it's potty time

we are slowly introducing emma to the potty. she's sat on it a few times, after stating "pee, pee...potty...pee,pee?" and pointing to the bathroom. did she go? no. of course not. however, she did do a very lovely interpretative potty dance for me. i'll be sharing that video via e-mail to family, but will not be posting it on the blog. a diaperless toddler dancing around...probably not the best to post to the public (who knows what weirdos are out there!). however, shoot me an e-mail and i would be happy to share the footage with you.


birthday weekend

aaron's birthday weekend.

FRIDAY-picked up newly purchased pre-owned vehicle. followed by birthday dinner celebration at jon and jenna's house. on the menu: coconut shrimp, chicken noodle soup, homemade rolls, roasted red potatoes, DQ ice cream cake (oh yeah).

SATURDAY-birthday tattoo courtesy of dave at voodoo monkey. followed by an evening of games, munchies and more cake.

SUNDAY-birthday dinner number two coming up this evening, consisting of some delicious pad thai from thai toms...oops! i mean, thai hut.

i hope i get a birthday weekend. i think everybody should get a birthday weekend. not just a birthday. but instead a WHOLE weekend of continuous celebration (please note the slight touch of sarcasm here).


another chef in the making

emma helps her dad make dinner. like a true chef...there's always a taste test required.


a $40 day in cleveland

a trip to the great lakes science center with the whole family...

can't get enough of our science center experience? there's always more on flickr!


testing, testing...one, two, three

one more thing to add before i forget...

this means my stomach will look like this in about 8 months...

food, glorious food

we had a fabulous day of eating yesterday. in celebration of our church's 1 year anniversary there was plenty pizza, chips and of yummy desserts to be shared by all after the service. as if that wasn't enough eating, we got to take the leftover pizza home (there probably about 10 slices left). and to top off our sunday, we finished the day with an evening of fondue delight. there was hot oil fondue where chicken, steak, and mushrooms could be fried to perfection. then of course, the beer-cheese fondue served with your choice of italian or asiago cheese bread. lastly, corrie brought her chocolate fountain where an assortment of fruits and sweets could be drenched to your heart's desire in chocolaty goodness.


fun with snow

we've had some snow come our way the past few days (i'll be glad when winter is officially done), and monday tyler's school was closed due to the wind chill factor. of course, that didn't stop tyler from playing outside. he spent the majority of monday outside doing this...

action photos have also been posted on flickr.


what do you think...

...of aaron's next tattoo?

more embroidery

i finally finished the pillowcases for mamaw's christmas present (i know, it's beyond late). they're bleeding hearts-papaw's favorite. currently working on another late present (i think i see a trend here).



i hooked up the camera to the tv the other day and turned it on. i filmed emma as she watched her own image being displayed on the tube.


let's make music

another video of some talented musicians...


it's the little things that make me happy...

since moving here, i've always wondered why the city only accepted plastics with a "neck" (i.e. soda/water bottles) and not any other types. i had been so used to recycling all sorts of plastics from bottles to yogurt cups, that i was slightly frustrated upon moving here that plastic recycling was so limited. why can't they recycle other plastics when it's possible to do so? well...i just received notice that the city is now taking all plastics for recycling from #1-7. hooray! finally, i can recycle all those yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, and salsa tubs i've accumulated in the cupboards.


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