on 8 years ago today (a few weeks late)

before june is officially over, i think i need to post about my june children's birthdays, don't you think? so, let's just pretend we went back in time to june 12, 2014.  it really wasn't that long ago...


dearest emma,

how is it that we just celebrated your 8th birthday? every year, i think to myself, "where did the time go? wasn't she just a little baby?"

when you woke up in the morning, i asked you if you felt any different now that you were 8.  your practical, clear-headed response: "not really.  i pretty much feel the same, except now i am just one year older." silly me, for asking!

i'm thankful that i get to be home with you, and that we can "do school" together.  you are a bright, articulate, and creative girl, and it has been a pleasure to watch you first-hand as you learned and grew intellectually as we journeyed through the homeschooling adventure together this past year.  i'm glad that you still want to continue on this adventure with me next year, because i'm having fun and learning so much, just like you!

one of the things i enjoy is hearing the excitement in your voice when you've made some sort of new discovery (or sometimes a re-discovery of something that you've forgotten about).  whether it's finding a little "nest" of rolly-polly bugs in the back yard, figuring out how to hand-sew a fabric pocket, or gleaning information from your current book, the excited chatter that comes out of your mouth makes me smile (and also very excited for you).

i know i sometimes tell you already, but let's have it officially in writing, ok? i appreciate the love, affection, patience and kindness you show to your brothers and sister.  i think that many times, you have more patience than me when it comes to helping your brothers, and the motherly-attention you provide for your baby sister is something that i absolutely love watching.  you and your sister have such a special bond (not that you don't have your own special bonds with your brothers, of course), and i know she absolutely loves her big sister.

you have a compassionate and generous heart, and it shows by your willingness to often share your things with your siblings.  you have even gone so far as to offer some of your own money to help your mommy and daddy pay for things. you love making things for other people, and i know it brings you great joy when you are able to gift some of your creations or treasures.

i hope that your 8th year will be filled with many more wonderful discoveries and learning experiences.  keep pursuing what interests you, and don't be afraid to go where God calls you to go, even if it may seem wacky to other people (or your parents).  we love you and are thankful that we can be a part of your life.

happiest 8th birthday, sweet girl!

mommy (and daddy)


wordless wednesday {sort of} :: through the wake

i think, the olympic sculpture park is one of my favorite places to go to in seattle with the family. we get to be outside, and enjoy views of the puget sound and some creative outdoor art pieces.

on our last visit, i really fell in love with this piece (even though we've seen it before).  it's massive, yet elegant. it's bold, yet serene.  to fully experience this piece of art requires you to move through it, and each person's experience will be different depending on his/her movement and directional choices.  it's so cool!

and each time we come to this piece of art work, our kids' desire is to run through the "waves," weaving their bodies between each giant piece of metal. 

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