Congratulations to Jon & Jenna on the birth of their baby boy, Benjamin Scott Purdum. We are so happy for you two and cannot wait to meet him. Ben is currently in NICU since he's about 3 wks. early, and having some respiratory problems. Mom is recovering from the surgery, and both parents are looking forward to taking their baby home. We will post some pics of Ben as soon as we can see him.


memphis photos on our website

for some reason i'm having a hard time linking the page for our memphis photos on our photos page of our website. so...here's the direct link: www.geocities.com/appurdum/memphistrip.html. enjoy!



emma and her mama drove all the way down to memphis last week to meet up w/ dad who was already down there for work stuff. the drive down was long but emma was a trooper. we had a good time while we were there. went to graceland, sun studio, nat'l. civil rights museum and ate a lot of food. one out of many favorite restaurants was The Commissary, a ribs & bbq joint. Tiny little restaurant, but so well known that Pat Benatar has been there. take a look at our website for more memphis pictures.

with elvis (or close enough).

cooling off at the pool.


first dip

emma took her first dip in the pool yesterday. sorry-no picture. we forgot to bring the camera. she didn't seem bothered by the water, and was quietly taking it all in. she looked so cute in her little swim trunks and her sun hat. we'll try to take some pictures the next time she's in the water.



there are some new pictures on our family website. www.geocities.com/appurdum/purdumhome.html. enjoy!



since emma's birth, extra time is hard to find. so this is why i just did 4 postings in one night. this will probably be the going trend for who knows how long...

let's bowl!

tyler's 9th birthday party was held at Put-In Bay Lakewood bowling alley. everyone (not only kids but the adults too) had a great time bowling. the cake at the end of the party was delicious-thanks to the talented baking skills of gram!


working hard to hold up her head...had to wipe off the sweat off her brow after she was done.

post bath

washington visit

last week we went back to seattle (though it was emma's first time). we got to see old friends and also visit with tyler. we also went to spokane for a few days to visit prasti's folks. emma also got to meet her aunt corrie for the first time while in spokane. emma did awesome during the flight there and back...she slept pretty much the entire flight. we had a fabulous time. we miss seattle (though not the traffic) and it felt good to be back. thank you jeff & maia for your hospitality-we appreciate it!
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