big brother and lil' sis

how cute are they !?!?

big boy!

after watching an exciting game of college football, we stopped at big boy for an early dinner. how can you resist a photo op. with the big boy?? weather was cold and dreary during the game...thank goodness we only stayed until half-time (and breastfeeding out in the cold is not fun!).


i love hanging out with my dad!

track & field day

track and field day at grant elementary was last friday. tyler ran the team relay and the 40 meter individual race. he got 2nd place for the relay and 1st place for the 40 meters. phew, look at him go!


roll over!

Emma rolled over for the first time yesterday morning from her tummy to her back...hooray! Caught me off guard, but fortunately she was on the floor. Too bad that was the only time she did it...I think she likes to keep us guessing. That goes for sleeping through the night too. Sometimes she'll do a 5, 6, 7 or 8 hour stretch, but never the same each night...it's a cruel joke for a sleep deprived mama.


3 months already!

emma turned 3 months on the 12th. can't believe how fast the summer went and how much she's grown since the day she was born. she's already changed so much since when she was a newborn-not only physically but behaviorly (is that even a word??). she's all smiles and giggles when you talk to her, and loves to grab at things and chew on her fingers. she loves hugs, kisses and getting her hands and feet nibbled. her mommy, daddy, and big brother love her so much and just can't get enough of her!

daddy time


this one's for you jeff & maia

some ben pictures

here are a couple of pictures of our new nephew, ben. he's finally off the ventilator and expected to be home tomorrow...hooray!

holding her head up

emma's holding her head up longer and longer each day. her doctor warned that pretty soon she'll be rolling over. i'm sure it will happen on a day when i'm looking the other way and she rolls herself off the changing table or something (that would be awful!). at her "weigh-in" last week, she was 12 lbs., which is almost double her newborn weight. check out those chubby thighs.

aunty michelle

emma & her aunty michelle hanging out

emma intrigued by a ceiling fan while she gets a kiss from her aunty michelle.

we had such a good time hanging out with michelle during her visit last week. we hope she can come out again soon.


Tyler, Emma & I stopped by Aaron's work today to check out one of the FedEx NASCAR race cars. We got to hear the very loud engine and watch the driver (not the actual race car driver) put it back in the trailer. Emma wanted to try driving the car but she wasn't allowed.
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