another week...

Prasti's mom & sister have left and Aaron's back to work after taking a week off last week. As a welcome back from vacation present, Aaron's station is having an audit this week...busy, busy. Pictures of the new paint job in the baby's room are up on our website. Don't be afraid of the colors-fun, funky and bright you might say...


goofy tyler

A few old pictures of Ty from Michelle's h.s. graduation last May '05.
Super Tyler

playing w/ the sprinklers

baby shower pics

Baby shower pictures have been posted on our website under photos. Click on our website under links to get there.


big brother practice

This is me with my 1 year old cousin Aylah. I think she likes playing with me and I like playing with her...even though she can't talk yet. Don't you think I'll make a good big brother?

finally some girls in the house

Prasti's mom and little sister Michelle are out visiting this week. It feels good to have some females around the house to balance out all that male-ness.


the exciting life we lead...

Saturday evening at Tops grocery...too much time on our hands?

this is my barn!

(click on images for larger view if these ones aren't big enough for ya)


belly shots

Here they are...the belly shots you've been waiting for (this post especially dedicated to Maia). About time, huh? Let's see...these belly photos are at the end of the 25th week. We're getting close...over half-way through!


aah...panel pants

So last weekend I finally had to purchase maternity clothes...I was down to 2 pairs of wearable pants and all my tops were starting to hike up over my belly. Panel pants don't sound very flattering but I have to say they're pretty comfortable since they accomodate your growing belly so well. I can't believe I now actually own a couple pairs of panel pants. I don't think I have ever dreaded shopping as much as I did, but it was difficult finding non-dorky maternity clothes. Of course all the cute ones I liked were always so expensive. Nevertheless, I got a few staples-just enough to get me through the rest of the pregnancy.
~hugs~ Prasti
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