VANITYLAB Festivus Event

any of you locals not busy tonight, stopy by VANITYLAB for their one-year anniversary celebration.

i will be selling items from my shop along with other urban crafters. here is the official blurb from their site:

VANITYLAB FESTIVUS Event. Celebrate with us! THURSDAY, APRIL 30, 7-9pm!
It’s part art festival, part fundraiser, anniversary party, MORE!
Let’s raise some money for Wigs for Kids, support local artists, win prizes and drink!
Local artist Scott McKinney’s exhibit will be opening, over 15 local artists urban crafts, jewelry, glass will be offered for sale, JW Dover local winery/microbrewery will have tastings downstairs, local clothing designer “Proper Tea” will be having a special sale, Lilly’s Chocolates from Tremont will be in the house, free live music, free food from Aladdin’s, Gift Certificate specials, raffle baskets, $1000 year of VANITYLAB Beauty Gift Card!


wordless wednesday::the best thing on a hot day

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walking for babies

we awakened to a gorgeous morning prepared to walk in the march for babies event.

the little ones were in their strollers, strapped in, smiling and ready to go (sorry sam...i didn't get a photo of you in your stroller).

the 4 mile walk through downtown cleveland was pleasant (though the uphill parts were a bit of a challenge with a stroller), with mr. accordion man serenading us for part of the journey.

at the finish line, we were definitely ready to scarf down some food and take a seat in the shade.

we had a fantastic time and plan on doing this again next year (maybe even get more family to represent).

our team went $100 over our goal, though i'm uncertain how much was raised total for today's event. many thanks to those who graciously sponsored us for our walk.


a little girl's treasure

many small treasures were found and brought home after our stroll around the block today.

small treasures that i probably would have taken for granted if it wasn't for my little daughter.

may you enjoy the small treasures that come across your path this weekend!


a family walk...

we'll be walking for babies this sunday.

we'll be walking for preemies and their families like maddie spohr.

we'll be walking for our sweet baby that went to be with the Lord last april.

we'll be walking for our sweet baby that we're expecting next month.

we'll be walking for the precious gift that God gives us in babies.

if you are interested in making monetary contributions, please visit our fundraising page or the march of dimes website.

or come walk with us to show your support. details found on our fundraising page.


wordless wednesday::a husband's version of fruit salad

i asked my husband to pick up fruit salad (or fruit to make fruit salad) at the grocery store. he came home with this...more wordless wednesday here and here.


it's my birthday and i'll do what i want to

and now i'm another year older.

thank you family for helping me celebrate my birthday yesterday. we had johnny mango's for my birthday dinner (too bad i couldn't get the margarita this time around) and a divine chocolate cake at home for dessert.

thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes and gifts. it made my day.

and thank you to my dear husband for scheduling a surprise pregnancy massage for me yesterday, and to corrie for hanging out with the kids while i went out for the appointment :).


the joys of spring weather

[insert vivaldi's spring here]

we planted flower seeds this afternoon in the front yard...

filling the peat pots with dirt...

carefully placing a seed in each pot....

covering them up and watering them...

as we basked in the warm sunshine and listened to the sweet sounds of spring...birds chirping, children laughing, dogs barking, and our neighbors serenading us with a multitude of cuss words...

[insert dramatic record scratch sound here]

[gasp, whisper, whisper]



space...the final frontier

rockets, space shuttles, planets galore.

after getting past security and receiving our clearance, we made it to the visitor center/museum at NASA glenn research center to learn more about God's creation beyond planet earth. this was an early childhood pta event, but since we were running late (big surprise) we were left to our own devices...though we finally ran into some other families we knew.

a lot of the information was more suited for older/school-aged children, but emma had fun pressing buttons, and looking and identifying the rocket ships, planes, and astronaut suits.

it's a neat little place to visit (especially if you're looking for a place to go during those winter months). the visitor center/museum is free, and they offer a guided tour of the facility on the 1st saturday of the month from now until october. i think we may have to come back and bring the boys.

by the way...in case you didn't get the memo, pluto is not a planet anymore.

wordless wednesday::self-portrait

talk about some mad skills with the magna-doodle. i think it's a special gift.
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up from the grave he arose with a mighty triumph o'er his foes. he arose a victor from the dark domain, and he lives forever with his saints to reign. he arose! he arose! hallelujah! christ arose!

happy easter!


wordless wednesday::small, medium and large...


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savoring a gorgeous spring day...

running through the open field.

neglecting our coats.

beads of sweat on little noses.

a picnic lunch.

the bright sun warming our backs.

bare toes.
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