swimming in winter

So Tyler started his first day of swim lessons today...twice a week for 4 wks. Lessons are held at the high school Tues. and Thurs. Okay, this picture is not of him at his swim class...I think I would have probably turned him beet red if I started taking pictures infront of all the other kids on his first day of swim class. Just imagine him in a pool sans the inner tube and water shoes. He had so much fun today that he can't wait for Thursday to come. I'm so glad he enjoyed it, because he's been rather apprehensive about learning to swim for the past few years that I wasn't sure how well he would take to these lessons. We've also told him the importance of learning to swim for the greater good-e.g. rescuing a drowning person, or a sibling for that matter. Especially with the coming of a new baby, I think he understands the necessity...and I'm so thankful he is enjoying the process too. In addition, this week he's ridden his bike to and from school alone! What a new feat for him and for us as parents (although it seems to be a bigger deal for us parents than it is to him). No more accompanying him to school in the morning unless he asks us to. He seems very excited about his new freedom and enjoys the "commute" despite the cold weather.


sat. dance class

I had my first dance class in about 6 mos. today. Found a modern class held by a local dance co. called Antaeus Dance. It was just the right level to get back into...not too easy that I'd get bored, but not too overly physical that I'd be extremely sore the next day. I also enjoyed the style and technique-there's a lot of bad modern out there so you have to be weary. Thinking about taking it next Saturday. It's the whole waking up thing that's a challenge, since it's a morning class.

ultrasound #2

We had an ultrasound this past Thurs. This time around the baby was a lot bigger than 6cm and the session was a little bit more intensive. It seemed as if they checked every part of the baby's body to make sure everything was normal. Didn't find anything out of the ordinary. Saw the heart beat, which was awesome. Also saw some 3D images of the baby during the ultrasound, which we didn't know they were able to do...what a cute little thing. It was pretty active during the whole appt. At one point, you could see it stretching and kicking its legs right on to Prasti's full bladder...very pleasant experience. Didn't find out the gender-we're going to keep it a surprise.


Website update

Happy new year! We spent New Years day painting our living room and upstairs bathroom. It looks so much better than white. I posted the new photos on our website since there's a lot of them. Click on "our website" under links or go to www.geocities.com/appurdum/purdumhome.html. Our next painting project will be the kitchen. We can't wait to get rid of that salmon color.
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