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hello everyone. i have a guest post over at mozi esme today. head on over if you're interested in reading it. thanks esme and mommy for your hospitality :).


family gathering

an hour and a half road trip brought us some family togetherness: some we see on a regular basis, others we haven't seen since the last holiday season.

i ate a lot (but i had to for the good of the baby). emma and her cousin aylah had a grand time playing together. and last but not least...MORE presents to open for the kids.

thanks uncle alan and aunt kathy for hosting. we were glad to have made it out, and it was lovely to see everyone again.


new house

emma got a new house from gram and pap for christmas. what i especially love about this present is its simplicity. it's made of cardboard, with printed pictures on the outside which you can color on your own with markers (or any type of coloring medium you choose, i suppose). it's an interactive activity without all the fancy lights and sounds, and encourages the use of her imagination.

we spent an afternoon putting it together then coloring some of the outside (for me, there is something therapeutic about coloring pictures). i think emma even began decorating the inside of the house too.


christmas crafts...late!

here are a couple of belated christmas crafts that emma and i did together.

the first are crayons we melted into star and christmas tree shapes. these were for a gift so i couldn't post this until after christmas day :).

these are very simple and inexpensive to make. we used old crayons (and some new ones to make sure we had enough for the molds), peeled the paper off, and broke them into small pieces. then we stuck handfuls in the molds and stuck them in the oven until they melted. the stars were individual foil molds, and the christmas trees were those silicone baking molds i found them @ the grocery store for half off (do not use cookie cutters for molds...they don't work, i tried. once the crayons melted it all seeped out into a puddly, waxy mess.) once they've cooled, just pop them out of the mold.

the second craft i meant to post christmas eve. i had been busy that day trying to finish up some home-made gifts, so i kept emma occupied making these cute wreaths. we had a bunch of those stick-on bows that we never use lying around and i finally discovered this craft project that uses them. cut out the middle of a paper plate (doesn't matter what size) to make a ring. stick the bows around the ring to make the wreath. since our stick-on bows are fairly old, i had to add glue before actually having emma stick on the bows. i also found some red streamer to tie in a "bow" for the bottom of the wreath. them i let emma find a spot for them around the house.

christmas day

we had a very, much-needed, low-key christmas day. thankfully, aaron did not have to go in to work like we had expected so it was lovely to have his company all day.

we dug into our stockings and opened presents. then snacked on left-over outback steakhouse through out the day.

we gave blue a special christmas treat (a nice, large piece of dried cow ear...hmmm...) and he took off upstairs for some one on one time with his gift. no evidence of it was left behind after he was done with it.

tyler spent christmas in seattle this year but will return to us monday.

in the evening, we received a visit from gram, pap and aunt corrie who came bearing gifts. thank you for your generous presents! we hope everyone had an enjoyable christmas holiday.


for your viewing pleasure...

a little christmas cheer.

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merry christmas to all!


wordless wednesday::merry christmas!

wishing everyone a joyful (and in our case, a much needed relaxing) christmas!

more wordless wednesday here and here.


light hunting

upon discovering emma's love of christmas lights, we ventured out one evening in search for more.

our hunt led us to this cul de sac with an overwhelming display of bright lights...


tiki man and dancing carrot

just finished these 2 onesies for a baby boy. both patterns thanks to sublime stitching.


winter walk

we took a quiet walk one afternoon. enjoying the winter smells and listening to the crunching of the snow. though we didn't get much of the white goodness, emma insisted she put on her snow pants and her snow boots before we ventured out. it was a nice little breather to a very busy week.



handmade toys in danger

thanks to connie at thoughts of creativity bubbling over for bringing to my attention the dangers of the consumer product safety improvement act to small business (even local) toy makers.

this act will go into effect 10 february 2009. please go here or here for additional information on this piece of legislation and how you can voice your concern.

i try to support local artists as much as i can or even try my hand at making my own things, but it will be difficult to do so because of this law.


a new day, a new life...

last sunday we had a few baptisms after church service at the local high school pool. i always enjoy attending and listening to each individual's testimony and how god has transformed them into the person they are now.

this sunday was particularly special, because our very own tyler was one of the people getting baptized! we were elated when we found out he decided do it. in our family, we believe that the decision to be baptized is a personal decision (between that person and god). and when god calls you to do so, then that is the right time.

he did a wonderful job standing up infront of everyone and sharing his testimony. i don't know that i would be able to do something like that at his age. as an adult, i still get nervous speaking infront of people. i know that it must have taken courage and strength for an 11 year old to share something so personal with a room full of adults.

despite the rain, the wind and the cold, it was a beautiful and glorious sunday. we are so proud of his decision and committment to follow christ. congratulations, ty! (now i must go get a tissue, because i'm getting teary-eyed).

do you not know that all of us who have been baptized into christ jesus have been baptized into his death? we were buried therefore with him by baptism into death, in order that, just as christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the father, we too might walk in newness of life. romans 6:3-4 (esv).


crafteriffic bazaar bizarre

check out great lakes green pages review of the bazaar bizarre.

we stopped by today to check it out and there was a lot of fantastic stuff. we picked up a couple of items including some super CUTE hair clips for emma w/ drums on them from craft_t_chic, and some yummy smelling soaps from sunstone soap. then there were these super cute bibs and baby onesies that i saw by big pink heart, and some holiday themed plates, bowls, and onesies from little korboose. but i didn't get anything from them since i don't have a baby...yet.

this is the first time we've gone, and i'll definitely make it a point to go every year. i highly recommend any local to stop by...it will be on again tomorrow noon to 6 p.m.

c is for cookie

and i'm talking about a WHOLE LOT of cookies.

yes folks, friday was the annual cookie day for the purdum family. every year, since the dawn of time, purdums (mostly the women, but men are always welcome to help...pap helped put on frosting this year) gather round a home for 1 day in december to make, what some may think, an obscene amount of cookies.

this year we had gram, aunt corrie, aunt jenna, emma, ben, and baby sam over at our house to make some fantastic sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies, clothespin cookies, kentucky christmas rock (??), and these fruit-filled cream cheese cookies.

there was a lot of mixing, and cutting, and baking, and decorating, and, of course, tasting. flour and cookie dough were flying everywhere (so much so, the dog didn't know what to do with himself)!

emma was a little helper, rolling out dough and cutting out shapes with aunt corrie. she also did some cookie decorating...talk about some abstract work.

i even got to do some mixing and baking while little sam snoozed in the sling with me. did i mention how i LOVE the smell of little babies?

anyway, we had a great time on cookie day. thank you gram for bringing over a delicious lunch and dinner for us to enjoy, and for doing the prep work for those oh so tasty clothespin cookies!

and believe it or not, i still have about 2 dozen sugar cookies from cookie day to decorate. it was coming up on 6 p.m. and i didn't have any more in me to make more frosting or to decorate one more cookie! i wonder if they'll keep until next cookie day...


wordless wednesday::snuggles

**this is my first time participating. if you want to get in on the fun go here or here.**


new works and new listings!

i just listed these two items on etsy:

i also finished this tiki dude for a sweet little baby boy.

and i finally embroidered something for emma. she really liked it (if you can't tell from the photo).

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