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emma is 13 months now, and even in 1.5 months she's changed...yet again. her stubbornness is really coming out, especially when she doesn't get her way. there are times when she's okay with being told no, but there are other times when her mouth starts to waver, a fountain of tears begin to flow and she breaks out into a wail (sorry dear, you're going up against the world's greatest pouter so that sad act isn't going to work). of course once she discovers she's still not going to get her away she's over it in 10 seconds. what a stinker. other than that, she's not walking on her own yet, but loves to hold your hand and practice. her latest is walking around while "talking" on the phone...it's so cute. then there's the walking around carrying her "purse" which she just started doing yesterday. she can stand herself up from sitting too, and manages to balance for a while. i think she can walk on her own if she wants to, but the fear factor of letting go and going at it alone keeps her from doing. that's okay, when she's ready she'll do it...and then i think i'll be in for it for sure. so the and video clip are from her walking and talking on the phone to ibu (my mom). it cracks me up every time.


more video clips

here are more video clips from our trip since i'm still working on uploading the photos. the 1st video is during our car ride home from shopping at pasaraya. the 2nd video is of emma "drumming" on astrid's water bottle on the way home from sunda kelapa. the 3rd video is from michelle's camera but taken by yours truly. we are at jakarta airport waiting for our flight to leave for bali. enjoy!


video clips

okay, since i haven't finished putting up the indonesia pictures i thought i'd post some video clips from our trip (since i don't think it's possible to post videos on our website). we have a crappy camera (don't buy fuji digital cameras) so the resolution isn't so great...sorry! the first video is us looking for our driver at the pasar (market) in sunda kelapa (the museum ahead is the Maritime Museum). video #2 is of the lobby at the hotel we stayed at in bali. video #3 is aaron's feet getting a free foot massage at the singapore airport...oh yeah!


back again...a synopsis of our trip

we're back in the states. we arrived last friday night (the 13th) around 7:45 and got home by 8:30. sorry no pictures right now since we are trying to get settled in (i have tons of mail to sort through, some unpacking, some bills to pay...you know, all that icky stuff). once everything's organised i'll be posting the indonesia pictures on our website. we weren't quite ready to go home, but it does feel good to sleep in our own bed again.

emma did way better on the travel home as opposed to the travel there. on the way to indonesia, she slept 2-3 hours at a time on a total travel time of about 26 hrs. needless to say, she had a few meltdowns-and boy were they loud. of course it seemed louder when you're in a confied space, such as a plane, full of people. on the plus side, she wasn't the only baby traveling, but her combined crying made up for the other 2 babies in our row traveling. on the way home though, was a bit better. she was familiar with the routine, and she even slept 6 hours straight on the 12 hour leg of our flight. fortunately, her jet-lag recovery was quick-only 3 nights. and her jet-lag recovery at home also took 3 nights...though it was a tough 3 nights (2nd night was the worst!). by the way, we flew with singapore airlines and they are, as usual, wonderful! they are always so nice and courteous when we fly with them, and boy am i glad we used them this time around traveling with a baby. they are so helpful.

we had a brief visit in singapore then went on to jakarta-my home town (he, he). it felt good to be back "home," and it was great to be able to finally show aaron where i came from and be able to share with him the place where i spent most of my childhood years. we celebrated eyang putri's (my grandmother) 80th birhtday. coincidentally, it was also my cousin arief's 30th birthday on the same day. there was lots of family to meet and catch up with and of course everyone wanted to meet emma. my mom was especially ecstatic at finally seeing her again since it had been a year since she's seen her. we didn't get to do much sight seeing in jakarta since most of the time we were there was taken up in planning for eyang's party. i don't think 7 days is nearly enough time between seeing family, getting my indonesian food fix, and sightseeing. usually, we don't go sightseeing when we go home, but since it was aaron's first time, it would have been nice to see more of jakarta. we did go to sunda kelapa which is an old port in north jakarta. i think it was built in the 1400s or something and i believe its peak was during the dutch occupation in the 1600s.

after we said our good-byes in jakarta, we flew on to bali for a brief 3 day visit. we stayed at our usual hotel, the legian beach hotel. the last time i was in bali was 7 years ago, and since then the hotel has done some renovations. now it looks so different-very fancy and chic. it's interesting to see the changes the hotel has undergone (and kuta for that matter), because we've been going there since i was little...and now they've added this and that and all other good stuff (i.e. free surfing lessons, balinese dancing demonstration, woodcarving demonstartions, etc.). we spent most of our time swimming at the beach or the pool, and did fit in a little shopping. aaron got a massage on the beach by #1 emmy, a lady that we've known since i was small (even before michelle was born). she seemed tickled by the fact that our daughter's name is emma which is quite similar to her name. aaron also braved jl. legian on his own to do a little shopping and he did great at bargaining (he managed to bring down 700,000 rupiah to 150,000 rupiah for 3 items...not too bad for a white guy, ha, ha). we also ate at poppies, a restaurant we always make a point to go to every time we're in bali. all 6 of us had the lobster and it was soooo good (and inexpensive!).

well, i think i summarized our trip to the best of my ability. once the pics are up on the website, i can add more details via the captions. got to do some cleaning now.


out of the country

i know it's been a while since i've posted, but i have a good excuse. we have been out of the country for about a week now-visiting family in jakarta. tomorrow we head off to bali for a few days of beach fun. sorry no pics for now...i can't find a usb port to hook up my camera to the computer. plus internet isn't free here and i don't know how long it would take to download the pics. i will make sure to post our trip pictures once we get home...along w/ more details. right now we are going to eyangs house for a last visit before we leave so gotta go.

p.s. the blogger site is all in indonesian...weird for me (but i guess it would make sense to have it like that)
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