the teen years: v. 1.7

the second installment of our june children's birthdays.  nothing like waiting until the last minute to finish!  now, instead of pretending it's june 12, 2014, let's pretend it's june 14, 2014...

dear ty-ty (as your littlest sister likes to call you),

it's slightly shocking that this birthday post is about your 17th year of life.  not shocking in the i-can't-believe-we've-made-it-this-far kind, but more like the we'll-soon-be-parents-to-an-adult kind of shocking. can we just pause and take a look at this photo for a minute (from 10 years ago), and reminisce about the time when you were actually that small?

and now you are another year older, and another year wiser, right? 

it's been pretty cool to be back in the same city with you, and i know your brothers and sisters are totally digging their ty-ty time.  it's like you have your own little entourage/fan club!

we're thankful that we can be close by again, and glad that we could celebrate your birthday with you this year.  we hope you had as much fun with the fondue birthday dinner as we did!

we hope that we can continue to be the one of the first people you come to for advice, guidance, and a safe place to just talk and be yourself. it has been a pleasure to watch how you've grown and matured this past year, and also seeing how God has been working in you.

you are a good-natured, confident, respectful, and helpful young man, who is comfortable in your own skin.  keep it up! 

may your 17th year be another year full of growth and learning, not only in your academics, but also in life and your spiritual journey.  remember to shine that light, and stay true to who you are.

happy birthday, ty!

dad and prasti

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