oh christmas tree...

we got our christmas tree this past sunday. we had been debating between a real tree and an artificial one for the past week and couldn't quite make up our mind. getting an artificial one would be much safer with a toddler around, but then again we could always teach her to be careful around the tree. we decided to purchase a real tree and headed to home depot to take a look. it was a REALLY cold and wet day, and by the time we made it inside the store, looking around for a tree in their outdoor nursery section just didn't sound too appealing. then we saw it...a fake white pre-lit christmas tree. should we wait until after christmas to buy it at a discount to use for next year? NAH...who wants to go out in the cold rain to look for a real tree (with a 1.5 year old) when you can just buy one in a box? perfect. (unfortunately, the beer can christmas tree has not made it out of the basement yet)

oh, and this past friday, the kids and i went and checked out light up lakewood-it's where they light up the huge christmas tree in front of the hospital and then watch santa on his rocket ride to the library. it was super windy, and soooo very cold that i can't believe we still went out. tyler ran into one of his buddies, daniel so they hung out together while we were out and about. it was not as impressive as i thought it would be-i think you have to be out there by 6 p.m. on the dot to see everything. regardless, i don't think we'll do it again next year, especially if the weather is bad again.


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