welcome december

the day after thanksgiving, we spent the evening putting up our tree. now that we have invested in a faux tree, getting a christmas tree is not so hard anymore. why go out in the cold when you can go down to your basement to get your tree? i do miss the smell of a real tree. but not worrying about little toes stepping on needles or remembering to water the tree is worth the sacrifice of having that evergreen scent in your home.

emma was much more fascinated with the tree decorating process this year than last year. she got to hang up a few ornaments. of course, hers tend to cluster around the same spot.

and how can i forget our infamous beer can christmas tree? when we moved here 3 years ago, we could not part with it. i think the movers got such a kick out of the thing that they took great care in moving it all the way out here...there was no damage to it at all!

decorating our tree is always a special time. we bring up the christmas music, listening to them as we unwrap each ornament. some of them hold lots of special memories. and there are some ornaments designated for a specific person to hang.

and for just a moment i forget about everything else that brings me down. and i am reminded that my family is what makes life worth living. and looking at them, i am reminded how great and faithful God is to me.

welcome december. and welcome christmas!


SarahHub said...

What a beautiful tree!

And don't ever, ever, ever let my husband know about that beer can tree...

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