back to the park

the weather was lovely today. it just doesn't feel right to stay indoors when it's warm and sunny out, so of course we planned an outing. nothing big. sometimes we can just be outside in the backyard or the front yard. it doesn't matter. as long as we're outside (plus i have to get my tan on for bathing suit season...ha, ha). today we went to the park to play and have lunch with our friends melissa and layla. emma and layla did a lot of sliding, and both did great at getting to the top of as the slide on their own. then, we saw more friends arriving (some we have not seen in a long while). it turned out to be a big partay at the park. quite a pleasant surprise. i'm look forward to more days like today.


Michelle said...

I love that picture of her with the sunglasses! she looks so cute!!

originally posted: 29 April, 2008 15:16

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