wordless wednesday::artistic display

the display

the artist and his work

observing, examining, pondering, analyzing

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Anonymous said...

This is cool. I need one of these for my kids. Hi, I'm Jenifer. saw that you have some of my same interests. I am an Herbalist, wife of one,mother of 7, lover of God! I am needing some help getting out the word about my web site and blog page since I work from home and raise 7 children I chose to try doing it through Blogspot. If you can help by linking to my pages or copy and pasting some of my articles that you like I would greatly appreciate it. God Bless! Thanks! http://garlicmom.blogspot.com and/or www.mynsp.com/jeniferharrod

Melissa said...

Nice artwork Ty! Hope you all are doing well (and getting enough sleep!). Hopefully we'll see you tomorrow.

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