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then and now...

9 years ago today, i married my best friend (as cheesy as that may sound, it's totally true).  my #2 guy (i know you know what it means, babe).  life together has been AMAZING.  a thrill.  an adventure. 

we've laughed together, cried together, gotten stressed out together, been stupid together...it's been so neat to reflect on how much our marriage has grown, especially these last 2 years.  so much crazy stuff has happened, but i'm thankful they did because it has drawn us closer together.  i think we make a pretty good team!

you keep me grounded when i want to have a panic attack.  you always make me laugh when i'm having a crappy day. you bring a new perspective when all i can see is one way (which is usually my way).  you help simplify my life (that's a good thing) when i want to over-complicate.  you bring me lilly's handmade chocolates when i need a pick-me-up...except now you're gonna have to FedEx them since we're in a different state. 

i'm thankful that God brought us together, and that he has made you my ultimate partner in crime on this earth.  thank you for loving me, for encouraging me, and for supporting me.  happy anniversary, my love!

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another jennifer said...

What a great walk down memory lane. Happy anniversary!

Corrie said...

Happy Anniversary! What great photos. Sending lots of love your way!

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