wordless wednesday :: my baby forever

this is my baby.  my baby who is walking and talking and getting more independent each day.


i'm ready and not ready for this transition from baby to toddler.  okay, who am i kidding? she's already in full blown toddlerhood.  i'm just in denial.

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Guilie Castillo said...

What an adorable baby! I'm not a mom, but I can imagine how hard it must be to watch a child become independent, need you less. Still, that does mean you're doing it right, so as difficult as it is, my congratulations from half a world away :)

Guilie @ Life In Dogs

Andrea said...

She's so big :) Have wanted to email you for awhile and am finally getting around to comments. :) Your post about Christmas resonated with me - I totally feel the same way. Praying you all continue to do well.

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