girls night out.

friday evening, tyler and aaron spent a boys night out w/ jon (more on that later...if i can get mr. purdum to guest post).

so why should the girls stay in when we can go out?

it was party central at the early childhood pta sponsored bounce of the walls event. i mean, we partied like it was 1999...wait, i can't use that reference anymore, can i?

there was a plethora of rubber balls in the gymansium where the kiddies could chase, toss, and roll them to their hearts content. we also ran into a couple of friends so it was nice to see some familiar faces among the crowd.

sadly, my camera battery was dying and i only managed to get one photo of emma in action. but i can attest that she had a fantastic time.


SarahHub said...

This looks (and sounds) like a fun night! We always have a good time at our Early Childhood events!

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