the vinjes in cleveland

here are some photo highlights of my parents and sisters' visit during the thanksgiving holiday. mom and dad left on friday, astrid and clint on saturday, and michelle left this afternoon.

prior to thursday, we kept things low-key since thursday would be a full day. we did drop by the mall to pick up a new vacuum cleaner, and emma had fun trying out all the "rides" and the outdoor christmas light display at sears.

then astrid, clint, michelle, emma and i skipped out on black friday and went to the lake erie nature and science center instead while tyler spent the night at gram and pap's. they had a few animals out for petting including chincilla, rabbit and skunk (don't worry, it had been de-scented). i then took them to ohio city to show them a little bit of cleveland and had lunch at le petit triangle.

saturday michelle and i had a girls day at crocker park checking out some of the shops. i found a stocking stuffer for aaron and the kids, but there wasn't really anything else we found that we couldn't live without. later that evening we enjoyed dinner at angelo's pizza (as mentioned by drew carey on the price is right) since michelle had never been there before. our favorite on the menu is the artichoke pizza with the roasted red pepper sauce. delicious!

it's a bummer to have everyone leave, since we are all so spread out. but the visit was nice while it lasted. we'll have a true vinje reunion this summer when astrid and clint tie the knot.


Tabitha Blue said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to enjoy the Holiday!!

Simply Stork said...

what a fun filled holiday :o)

I think it is always nice to spend one on one time with family when they visit :o)


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