get your game on

as we entered the brewer's home for cross point's annual game night, we put on our game faces ready for some intense game playing (and some intense eating on my part).

there were so many game options to choose from but the men decided to settle on rummy while the women (and ty) opted to try out an i-spy type game (the name escapes me) and catch phrase.

since there was such a large group playing rummy, the game went quite slow. they were on their 6th hand and they had not even reached 250 points (when we play with 3 or 4 we can easily reach 250 in no time). i had originally wanted to participate, but after seeing such a large group i opted for something else. and i'm glad i did. after finishing one round of the i-spy game we moved on to catch phrase (i suggested twister but no takers...what's more funny than a pregnant lady playing twister?). it was my first time playing and i thought this game was fast-paced, high energy, and fun, fun, fun.

the little ones managed to enjoy themselves for a while, but i knew it would be a matter of time before a serious bedtime meltdown would ensue. shortly after 9 p.m., our sweet little emma turned into an inconsolable, screaming, wild thing. needless to say, we quickly jetted out of there and enjoyed an earful of screeching and crying during our ride home....and all the way to bed. i guess the girl's got to have her beauty sleep.


Tabitha Blue said...

Oh yes, those game nights are so much fun, right up until the little ones bed time!! And Catch Phrase is SO much fun, we love that game!!!! Sounds like a great time!

Jenn said...

Prasti! I just love to read your blog :) Thank you for sharing your stories- especially when some of us haven't had the chance to meet Emma yet. How fun!

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