i'm not a fan of cloning.

in fact, i get a little freaked out reading stuff about how cloned meat could be the thing of the future in supermarkets. hmmm. i don't know. it just doesn't seem natural to me.

but on days like today, the idea of cloning doesn't sound so bad.

how about cloning me?

if i could just have multiples of me. i wouldn't ask for much.

just 4.

one for the kids, one for my husband, one to manage the household, and one extra just in case an area gets a little crazy.

and everyone's needs would be met. and i wouldn't feel so bad when i have to spend 40 minutes soothing a cranky baby while i leave my 3 year old unattended.

as it stands right now, there is only one of me. i really don't think it's very functional.

maybe all mothers should come in sets of 4?


Anonymous said...

1.I just had to write an essay on cloning on a test....In spanish!!!

2.Hang in there! I was reminded this wk that these are the times we should celebrate, because it forces us to rely on God to multiply and bless our time, productivity, etc.

3. If i could request which clone attends my needs....id take the green one!!!

4. xoxo!

aaron said...

my own clone... constant backrubs with a fresh beverage in my hand... nice

Melissa said...

Great idea! I could have used my 4th extra for the huge diaper blow-out on the screaming baby tonight.

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