the bridge project

you know, to tell you the truth, moving to cleveland was not a love at first sight experience. i missed being immersed in the arts culture in seattle and didn't feel like cleveland had much to offer aside from the theatre.

wrong. wrong. WRONG.

it did take a while to really discover cleveland...i'm not sure why. but it's an event like the bridge project or made in the 216 that has me quite taken with the city (ask me again when it's below freezing in the middle of january and my answer may waver).

cleveland has a lot to offer, and there are SO many creative people that live here.

anyway, getting back on track...we checked out the bridge project tonight with our friends robert and bud. to take an excerpt from the bridge project website:
The Cleveland Festival of Art and Technology, “Ingenuity” will expand beyond its weekend summer festival and transform one of the most fascinating under-used urban spaces in the City into a center of art and performance on September 25 and 26, 2009. The streetcar level spans approximately one mile and includes, at the west end, a series of archways and rooms that will be animated by art installations, exhibits and performances.
it was pretty cool being able to go inside the bridge, and it was also a great opportunity to check out some local artists.

there were plenty of things to touch, hear, see and feel, and i think both kids really liked the whole interactive art experience.

if you're interested, more photos here.

the event continues tomorrow (saturday) from noon to midnight if anyone in the area is interested in checking it out.


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