christmas day

christmas day started early for us.  and i mean early.  as i came down to nurse cash, emma's light was already on in her room.  and that was 5 a.m.

an hour later, the loud pattering of gibson's feet were heard as i lay half asleep with cash in his room.  i wasn't ready to get up that early, but by 6:30 even baby cash was bright-eyed and bushy tailed.

we dug into our stockings and found some wonderful surprises.

"magic towels" for the kiddos kept them entertained (and got my floors cleaned) while breakfast was baking in the oven.

we sang happy birthday and enjoyed some very tasty monkey bread before continuing with our christmas day festivities.

after a few swigs of coffee for mom and dad, we were all ready to open our gifts.  emma was an old pro, while gibson took a while to get used to "the process."  we started off slow.  the kids opened a few gifts and then wanted to play with them instead of opening more (i'm totally okay with that!).

but little by little, we made our way through the pile of gifts under our tree.

many thanks to everyone who gave so generously!  and so thankful we were able to skype with my family on christmas day.  we miss you guys!


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