wordless wednesday::who's been busy?

christmas preparations have been in full effect for the past couple of weeks.  plenty of making, wrapping, sending...it has been a flurry of fabrics, thread, paper, tape, chocolate, flour and icing.


what's your holiday to do list looking like as we approach christmas?

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Kent Weakley said...

Yum! What great traditions :)

Sukhmandir Kaur said...

Looks like a flurry of activty for sure, the best of all is the kids making ginger bread houses. I love your gift wrap ideas too. The brown(ie) bags are very cool!

Unknown said...

Busy having fun it seems! Happy holidays as it looks like you all are well on your way anyway!

Amber@Nater Tot said...

Those little crayon pouch things are so cool! And that gingerbread house is amazing. I love this collection of pictures.

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