it's all about the benjamin

okay, so on my last school related post (week 10 round up) i implied that i was going to post weeks 11 and 12 in the coming weeks.


it's been over a month since term 1 ended and we are in week 13 this week.  oops.

what can i say?  typing those updates take up some time, and typing one handed while nursing a baby takes even.more.time.  SO...no weeks 11 and 12 updates.  but it's a new year and i will try my hardest to post weekly updates of term 2.  really.  i will try.

although, yoda's words come to mind right now: do or do not, there is no try.  hmmm...

anyway, since week 13 is not quite finished yet, i thought i'd share the benjamin franklin lapbook we did last term.  remember, when i mentioned that?

so here it is:

we used the book benjamin franklin by ingri d'aulaire to base our lapbook on (which was one of the books on the AO reading list last term for history).

homeschool share happened to have a benjamin franklin lapbook available to download based on the same book we read, so that was pretty awesome.  we used many of the sheets in the download to build our lapbook.

i printed off an invention matching game to put in the lapbook from this site, a 13 colonies map from enchanted learning, a benjamin franklin little book in the shape of a kite from here and a copy of the declaration of independence from the government archives website.  by the way, the have other important documents you can look at if you're doing american history.  it's a pretty cool site, actually.

we did an experiment on static electricity (based on lesson 7 from here), and recorded our results from the static electricity experiment and put it in the lapbook.  the last thing we added from that same site (based on lesson 5) was a lesson on how we can be active and helpful in our community, much like ben franklin was in his community.  i had emma illustrate (on a heart shaped accordion fold paper...cute, right?) a few ways she can contribute/help in her own community.

the other experiment we did was not really an experiment, i suppose.  i can't remember which site i saw this one at (maybe the one download with the invention matching game??), but there were directions on how you can listen to what a glass armonica (one of ben's many inventions) sounds like using a glass cup.  

i'm sure you've all done this before, right?  wet the tip of your finger and rub it around the rim of a glass cup/wine glass?yep, that's what we did.  everybody got a turn (except the baby), and they thought it was pretty nifty.

i know i've already linked up the sources i used for this lapbook, but here it is again (and one extra one) in case you're kind of a list person.


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