learning together: W13Y01

school is "back in session!"  here's our AO learning round-up from last week...


we studied 1 samuel 17:1-52, using some of the activity sheets from calvary curriculum.  we are using the memory verse assigned to the kids from sunday school, so for week 13 we did isaiah 41:10.


we did a brief review of greetings, what is your name, and how are you?  i had to return the french book we were using back to the library, and i'm not quite sure if i want to continue using that or just working on a simple phrase a week.

language arts:

emma did 2 days of copywork using the week's memory verse and 1 day of copywork using an excerpt from the poem now we are six by a.a. milne.

gibson has expressed more interest in doing his own "copywork" these last few months, and this week requested 3 (not all in one day).  i just print out preschool handwriting practice sheets for him to do. he likes the ones on here (especially the football ones) and i've done a few from here too.  he is loving it, as long as he doesn't have to sit for longer than 10 minutes.  ha!

we went through lessons 38 and 39 in mcguffey's first eclectic reader.  i'm considering skipping more towards the end of this book after week 14 because it's still so easy for her to read.  she is getting better at slowing down her reading though.  the other option is just jumping to the next book (second eclectic reader).  she's really very much like me when it comes to reading stuff, especially when it's very exciting.  i tend to skim and skip words so that i can get to the end :).  while i suppose that's not necessarily a bad thing, sometimes you can miss out on the full effects of what you're reading (errr, does that even make sense?).  sometimes, you aren't able to fully digest the content and experience all the glorious words (and the pictures they help form in your head) when you read too fast...at least that's my personal experience.

emma got the first 4 books from the magic treehouse series (thanks, auntie michelle) which were devoured within a few days.  but thankfully, she likes re-reading them so she's been reading them over and over and over again.  that's pretty much what she's been reading during her independent reading time.  i have her narrate the story to me for each book she completes, and she seems to have a good grasp on the story.  we ended up getting her book 5 and a fact book to complement book 1.  she was halfway done with book 5 before we even paid for the book and finished it on the way home.  i don't even know why we bought it!


we read vortigern and king constans from our island story and bruce and the spider from fifty famous stories.  it seems like we've moved on from roman history and into british history now.  now here's a cool homeschool moment: bruce and the spider is about robert the bruce, the first king of scotland.  we did a scotland lapbook a while back as part of teaching emma some of her family heritage.  she recognized the name immediately.  also, aaron's side of the family comes from the line (somewhere) of robert the bruce.  that is why her pap is named robert bruce, and why daddy's kilt uses the bruce tartan. we talked briefly about scottish clans (our family would be part of the bruce clan) and differing tartans based on which clan you were part of.  i absolutely love these little connections.  it's so cool!

i am SO behind on making up the timeline sheets for emma's history timeline folder.  i'm almost caught up and hoping that we can put all of them in this week.

we also watched an episode from a show called scotland revealed on youtube.  there are 4 episodes, except that when we went to watch another one on a different day we couldn't view it anymore.  sad.

art study:

following AO's schedule, the artist for this term is jacob van ruisdael.  we are observing two watermills and an open sluice at singraven for weeks 13 and 14.  i made a little bio sheet of the artist, which i'll try and share on here for week 14.

music appreciation:

this term's composer is johann sebastian bach.  the week's music selection was brandenburg concerto no. 2 in f major.  nothing fancy with music appreciation except for listening to it.  i usually tried to play it at least twice a day...mostly during play time or meal time.  i forgot how much i like bach.


we read chapter 12 in paddle.  he has finally reached the end of lake superior.  the chapter had commercial fishermen in the story so we went in search of a couple of videos of commercial fishermen in action.  we also found a video on how to clean a fish (also talked about in the chapter).  that was very interesting...good to know if i ever want to clean my own fish!


we read the ants and the grasshopper and the ass carrying the image from the aesop for children.  they were quite short and narration for them were very easy for emma.  i went over again how the word ass was a common word back in the old days for donkey, but that it's now used as a bad word.  i just don't want her to be going around calling people asses thinking that she's calling them donkeys...haha.

we read beauty and the beast from the blue fairy book, which was quite a lengthy story.  we spread the story out over 2 days, and narration was about every paragraph or so.  she didn't do too bad on narration, despite the high vocabulary used.  but i think it does help to have her narrate every couple of paragraphs.  she loved the story, and i loved her reaction when she found out that the prince in beauty's dream was actually the beast.  i guess she didn't see that coming.


we did chapter 12 in fred.  this lesson covered a dozen, numbers that add to 9, and right angles.  it was pretty straight forward, so we didn't do any supplementing the rest of the week.

science/nature study:

we got james herriot's treasury for children for christmas (thanks, ibu and grandpa!) and read bonny's big day.  emma has already read through many of the stories in the book when we first got it, but since we're following AO's reading schedule we are sticking to their reading plan.  plus, she doesn't having mama read her some of the stories, and i like being able to read them too.

term 2 animal study is on mammals, so we are planning to pick a mammal a week to study...starting week 14.


this term we will be using a.a. milne's when we were very young and now we are six.  emma got this book for christmas last year, so we didn't have to purchase this book for the school year.  i can't remember all the poems we read, but one was brian botany.  gibson picked that one out in particular because the dude has a battle axe.  haha.

other things:

we had a dry day and warm(er) day on thursday so we took a nice stroll around the block.  emma and gibson rode their bikes and cash walked the whole time.  i was very impressed (we have very long blocks in our neighborhood). 

emma has been busy making bookmarks to sell for her shop.  there have been a lot of strips of construction paper with fancy designs on them laying about the house in piles.

the boys have been fighting over playing with their new wooden trains and cars quite a bit.  they've also put together a few puzzles.  well, cash tries to put pieces together, but still needs help finding ones that actually fit.

leilani has rolled over here and there and is generally a content little girl.  she likes to sit through stories sometimes, and really likes when mommy holds and rocks her to sleep.

everyone has been learning and it feels good to be back into our routine...my brain feels a little less frazzled.


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