bothersome boy

so maia wrote about an issue w/ playground etiquette yesterday, and we had a similar experience w/ emma today.

indoor play areas at the mall are a popular destination for cold and snowy days, and that's where we headed today. we went in the morning to avoid the mall moms that come in masses around lunch time, but there were still a few kids running around once we got there. emma had climbed into this pretend car, and before she knew it she had found herself being climbed and trampled on by this boy who was trying to get into the car too. aaron then proceeded to grab him off her, sternly reprimanding him for his behavior, and rescued the crying emma out of the car. instead of correcting this boy's behavior, his mother (who was busy writing before the "incident" happened) merely tells him to get into the car from the other side (apparently where emma wasn't sitting at?). i mean, this boy looked old enough to know better-she should at least take a more "disciplinarian" tone with him. later on, emma gave him the "if you mess with me i'll sick my brother on you" look. i think that scared him off.


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