the fall recital was a success. i anticipated around 30-40 people showing up, and about 75 came. needless to say, the aerobics studio was pretty packed (and stuffy). i think the spring recital will need to be held in a space with a stage. the girls did fabulous despite a month without practice, and those little ones looked ADORABLE in their little tutus. tyler was a LIFE-SAVER for coming in with me to help set-up and run the music. not only were the parents impressed with their child's performance, they were also impressed with how mature and helpful tyler was as he was assisting me. anyway, more details and photos later. right now, i just want to SIT and veg.


Michelle said...

congratulations on your performance! I wish I could be there to see it!!

♥ love,

originally posted: 12 January, 2008 23:52

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