monday, monday...

everything is pretty much back in full swing for 2008. tyler returned safely to us on sat. and started school today much to his dismay (at least he's honest about how he feels). emma started a story-time/baby and me program today, which will be going on every monday for 1/2 hour (i think it ends some time in feb.). we went this morning and she wasn't quite sure what to make of it at first. the nice thing was that there was a lot of reading involved and she LOVES to read. they also did rhymes which were posted on the wall...too bad i couldn't read them very well...and i think it will be good for her to learn to interact with other babes. aaron came along as well, though i think it will be the only time he makes an appearance-there were only other mommies there...no daddies. i do recall seeing some dad's during the evening story time session, but i guess if you sign up during the day most dad's are off at work. right now, the program is held at the small branch on madison ave., but once they finish all construction at the main branch it will be moved there. it will be much nicer once it's back over to the main branch because there'll be more space and it will be walking distance from our house!

the weekend was pretty low-key. we did take down our christmas tree though. i must admit, having a faux tree makes clean up much easier, and how convenient it is to just throw the parts back in the box. tonight, ohio state will be playing for the BCS national championship (again). hopefully, they can finish the season with a bang...go buckeyes!


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