art walk

as tyler spent saturday with gram and pap, the three of us decided to check out the lakewood art walk. it was our first time going, so we weren't sure what to expect. there wasn't much to see when we went. perhaps if he had gone a little earlier, there would have been more out there. after some time walking the streets, we decided to pop into bela dubby for some much needed refreshments. settling on a red vintage couch, we sipped our cold brews (excluding emma, though she did try to sneak a sip!) as we watched an indie-folk type band (i can't recall their name) perform. emma seemed to enjoy the show, indicating her song preference by wiggling her bum. we didn't stay for the whole show, because our stomachs got the better of us. we ended the evening with a delicious meal at thai hut, and a pleasant walk home.


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