under the weather

washed out. lethargic. colorless lips. emma did not start out too well this morning. phlegm from her stuffy nose had settled into her lungs, and now that it was finally starting to unsettle it decided to make its escape up her esophagus and out her mouth. not all at once (is that a good thing?). but intermittently, warned beforehand by painful grunting and screaming. she was in super snuggle mode with us all morning. being that she's not really a snuggly kind of gal, we knew something was wrong. then she decided the floor was much more comfortable to lay on than us. the next thing we knew she was passed out. on the floor. for almost an hour. like so....

then, like magic, she was perfectly fine after she woke. rosy cheeks, pink lips, and plenty to talk about.


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