a glimpse into ohio's history

within the north chagrin reservation, set back in a spacious field, sits squire's castle. it's actually not a castle at all, but in fact a gatekeeper's home built in the 1890s for feargus b. squire's future country estate. unfortunately, squire's plan to build a summer home never fully materialized. he sold the property in 1922, and the cleveland metroparks purchased the property in 1925.

legend has it that mrs. squire died in the gatekeeper's home and her spirit still haunts the castle [insert spooky music here]. but we didn't see anything except for some old firewood in the fireplace and some grafitti on the walls.

following our visit to squire's castle, we took a explored the woods surrounding the area. there are plenty of man-made trails there for walkers, joggers and horse riders. and no shortage of poison ivy either.


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