crocker park fall fest and fine art festival

the weather was absolutely perfect for the fine art festival this past weekend. there were a lot of artists participating ranging from ceramics to woodworking. and of course, being an outdoor shopping area, most of the crocker park stores had plenty of sales.

the performance with gravity6 dance project went well both days. in addition to performing, we also did some audience participation activities. saturday, we briefly delved into the creative process of choreography through improvisation. that was interesting. i get really self-conscious when i do improv work (because i don't think my moves are "cool" enough) so dance improv activities are not ones i enjoy. then both saturday and sunday, we did a short children's activity based on one i do for my class. that part was fun. maybe because i know what i'm doing...LOL.

the family came to watch sunday afternoon. our time slot on sunday was shared with a group of taiko drummers, who were awesome to watch. too bad we didn't have enough time to collaborate something together. that would have been fun.

performance highlights (photos thanks to my dear husband)...

group photo...with emma as an honorary member.

emma happily participating in the kids' activity.

ms. trina and emma enjoying the taiko drummers.

yume daiko filling the air with the beat of their drums...

after the performance, we bummed around for a bit enjoying the atmosphere before heading home. i love that it's mid-october and 70 degrees. beautiful.


Reynie said...

How exciting that you got to dance. And what great exercise. Your little girl looks like she is happy to be standing with all the dancing ladies. Very precious!

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