a step up

my most wonderful and AMAZING husband finished what i would call his first "major" home improvement project this past weekend.

thanks to the help of home depot, pap and some of reid's tools aaron was able to re-do our front steps. our old steps were probably more of a hazard than anything else, and we had been waiting for some extra cash before we could replace it.

we tried to salvage the old treads but it was impossible. most of the wood was rotted out and it would probably have taken just one wrong step for the whole thing to fall apart from underneath you.

although the affair took half of saturday and pretty much most of sunday, the results are fantastic.

work in progress...

emma helps with garbage disposal.

aaron worked well into the night, enlisting tyler's help for
the last leg of the project.

finished product!

the last thing to add is a railing, and we'll eventually paint it to match the porch. hooray for new steps!


Reynie said...

Looks good!

J. Leigh Designz said...

great job! Whats next! Make sure to line up a few jobs, that way he'll do another quicker....to him he feels he's accomplished something even if its not all....and to you at LEAST he did SOMEthing right LOL

Corrie said...

Good Job A!
They Look great, and sturdy, and a huge improvement over what they were.

RobertS said...

Nice job. I knew it would work out. Wanna come fix my deck?

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