feeling battered and bruised

last week was the first time in 3 years i've actually had a dance rehearsal. 2 of them in 1 week in fact.

the result...some sore muscles, bruised tailbone, and a bruised shoulder. but soooo worth it!

i will be performing next saturday with gravity6 dance project at the crocker park fall fest and fine art fair. 1:00 p.m. is show time for those of you interested in coming out to watch (it's free!).

the rehearsal process kind of reminds me of dancing with the stars, in the sense that i'm only given a short time to learn what seems to be a hefty amount of choreography. but that's not a bad thing. i probably perform better under pressure.

i have forgotten how dancing (whether it's taking class or performing) is my mental release from the day to day grind. i can disconnect myself from whatever is troubling me for an hour or two and just focus on something as simple as lifting my leg or turning my head without reality trying to grab my attention.


Angela said...

Very, very cool! I used to dance too, and I loved it... it is a great way to "let it all go" and just enjoy yourself... I wish you a wonderful performance... "break a leg"!

ConnieK said...

Yay for dancing!!!! =) I am so glad that you hooked up with them!

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