evergreen state vacation :: 2

we were picked up at the airport by ibu and grandpa john (my mommy and daddy).

we settled into our rooms once we got home. boy it's been a long time since i've been back.

emma LOVED having her very own room and pretty much claimed that it was hers all along (thanks auntie michelle for sharing).

while emma napped, aaron, gibson and i sneaked off for a bit to take care of a quick errand at the mall where i came across a bubble tea stand. oooohhhh happy day!

the rest of the day was spent relaxing and preparing for the busy weekend to come. emma even managed to get grandpa to come out and draw with her. i don't think we ever got to draw with chalk, but i guess grandkids are the exception.

more photos are posted here.


Corrie said...

Grandkids are most definitely the exception (I think they all prove that!)
I (heart) bubble tea!! I've been enjoying the thai iced tea while out here, and just won a Bubble Tea Party Kit! (thought I'd have to nudge you to have a party with me :-) You have to cook the pearls in a rice cooker!)

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