evergreen state vacation :: 5

my sweet little sister treated us to a mani/pedi the morning before the wedding. it was a great time for the sisters to just hang out. let me tell you, i have never seen so many color choices in my life! and it was the first time i allowed someone to work on my feet (i have a thing with people touching my feet...). it was a MAJOR feat (ha, ha...no pun intended) on my part.

the afternoon was spent at riverfront park for a BYOL picnic with the bride and groom to be. we found a great shaded spot underneath some trees and enjoyed our lunch and chatting with everyone.

the evening was rehearsal dinner at mom and dad's house. clint's mom and family prepared a fabulous filipino meal, which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. ty disappeared with cousin carl after making a brief appearance for food (those two were quite inseparable during the whole visit). emma did exceptionally well meeting all the aunts, uncles, cousins from my side of the family (we have a lot), while gibson was content to be passed around.

the sidewalk chalk made an appearance during the night...

the grandkids did their best chalk art of grandpa john.


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