evergreen state vacation :: 4

friday was the day of the bridal shower.

during the afternoon grandpa john put the boys to work cleaning the patio. it was a bit painful watching them coordinate the sweeping and picking up. 2 would be watching while 1 would be doing all the work and then they would switch (their version of teamwork?). but it was a nice cousin to cousin bonding moment.

while the boys and men enjoyed some laser tag action, the ladies gathered for some yummy asian food, delicious cake and some karaoke fun.

everyone had a turn on the mike, even little emma. i got some great video footage of people singing, but i'll only post emma's (don't want to embarass the grown-ups).

upon returning from laser tag, some of the men couldn't resist the lure of the karaoke machine. it was so enticing, in fact, that my own father sang! (that's just amazing).

more photos here.


Melissa said...

Sweetest video ever made!

MoziEsmé said...

That cake is beautiful - and the karaoke looks like great fun!

Robert Stockham said...

Thanks for giving me my first truly enjoyable Karaoke experience!

Kristin said...

I loved listening to her sing, but I think Jesus Loves Me was the highlight of my night! Watching that made me miss all of you so much!

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