the full show

okay.  remember the sneak peek?  i got it done and i can finally show you.  ta-da!

the robot illustration was done by my husband, who knew exactly what i was picturing in my head.  i really enjoyed the collaboration and being able to share the creative process with him.  and the experience was so easy since we think a lot alike (tyler will attest to that fact and sometimes thinks we share the same brain).  we have a few more embroidery design ideas that we've been throwing around, but just haven't found time to get things started.  in the meantime, i'll probably make a couple more of these robots to list on etsy if anyone is interested :).

i had to be a little sneaky with the work-in-progress since it was a gift for my little nephew, sam, who turned the big O-N-E this week.  it was supposed to coordinate with this super-cute bowl by one of my favorite local artists, but sadly the particular color i wanted is on back-order.  so the bowl will come later.

he was a bit overwhelmed at times with all the paparazzi, but i think he had a good time.


ConnieK said...

Love the robot! I love collaborating especially with the hubbies!
I have come across SouleMama once in awhile, it just took me awhile to realize that she was Waldorf, lol!

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