the next step in eating

i was hoping to wait a little bit longer before starting gibson on food, but after a week of waking to nurse 3x a night (as opposed to his normal 2) and one night of just all around crappy sleep (i maybe got 1 hour) i caved and decided to start the little guy on some food (hoping that this would solve that extra night waking).  i figure, if he's not ready, no big deal.  i can wait and try again later.

so earlier this week he tried rice cereal.  he responded surprisingly well.  and that night, he only awakened once to nurse.  but it was just that night.  the rest of the week, even with the cereal eating, he's been back to his normal 2x a night to nurse.  which is cool...i can't complain about that.

since we had a positive response with his first food, it's time to start making some baby food.  making homemade baby food was something i did with emma, so i plan to do the same with gibson.  choosing to make my own baby food was a way for us to save money, and provide nourishment for our baby in a more natural way.  the task sounds a bit daunting, but it's much simpler than i had imagined.

check back here often, since i plan to post the food making process as gibson continues on his eating adventure.


Melissa said...

Yay for homemade baby food. We did that with Layla and plan to do it again with Aelyn too. I was always surprised by the reactions we got. It really isn't difficult or that time consuming. We also got the same reaction about cloth diapers though, and that isn't as bad as people think either. I hope more sleep is in your future. Sounds like agent Gibs is hitting a growth spurt on ya! Can't wait to see some of your baby food creations.

Kristin said...

oooh- that sounds like a good idea! Max's mom fed him homemade baby food and I think he turned out ok. Haha, but he grew so fast and put on so many rolls that his pediatrician told his mom to put baby Max on a diet! Its ok, he's 6' 2" and thin now.

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