top ten tuesday :: local eats

after watching high fidelity a few months back, i was inspired to start doing some sort of top 10 list of my own.

i like lists.  they're straight to the point.  direct. simple.  and they neatly organize all of your information (would you be surprised to know that i also enjoy shopping at the office supply store?).

back to the top 10 list. i had planned to post a top 10 list every week waaayyy back in may, but busy summer, baby and all sorts of other stuff came up and my weekly top 10 list never materialized.

so today, will be the beginning of my weekly top 10 post.  and what better way to start any activity than with food?

our top 10 favorite local eats (in no particular order):

1. the melt bar and grille (this place has gotten so popular that it's easier to order take-out or go right when it opens to avoid the sometimes hour long wait).
2. buckeye beer engine
3. sullivan's
4. asian grille
5. angelo's
6. aladdin's
7. crepes deluxe/west side market stand c-2
8. sakura
9. johnny mango's (more of my favorite than aaron's, but they have a pretty good brunch)
10. el jalapeno (aaron recommends #53)

it was difficult to just pick ten.  and i'm sure there are more wonderful eats out there that we haven't tried yet.  here are a few more favorite local spots that didn't make the cut: my friends (yummy breakfast!), nuevo acapulco, rocky river brewing company.


Anonymous said...

Well...since its thai tuesday...the asian grille will be enjoying my business later! (:

Melissa said...

Our list would look almost the same as yours! Good picks. We haven't tried el jaleno or johnny mangoe's yet though. I love lists too- in addition to things organized nicely via bullet points.

Melissa said...

I can spell- jalapeno -oops!

Prasti said...

oooh...bullet points :)

Benjamonkey said...

Love the movie and the list, but I'd have to add Peppers. They have the best pasta/comfort food!

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