top ten tuesday

when my husband and i reminisce about some of the things we did in our hay day, usually karaoke makes its way into the discussion.

we had some great memories going out to karaoke. in fact our very first date was karaoke night at bush garden. then there was karaoke for my sister's bridal shower. and now, i've learned that one of our friends has purchased a karaoke machine (oooh yeah!).

karaoke is just fun. it's an opportunity to share some laughs, let down your guard and not take yourself so seriously. whether you sing or not is beside the point (i usually add lots of dance moves to distract people from listening to my singing). everyone is in the same boat when you karaoke.

our top ten 10 karaoke songs:
1. teenager in love by dion & the belmonts. [this is aaron's "warm-up"/stand-by song. i still remember the first time i heard him sing this song. talk about some major swooning.]

2. summer nights from grease soundtrack. [this is our duet. the first time we sang this together was on our first date. i still can't believe he made me go up there and sing with him.]

3. rocky top by boudleaux and felice bryant. [i remember some older guy did a great job singing this song at one of the karaoke bars we were at.]

4. love shack by the b52s. [great song to sing with a bunch of girls. throw in some moves and you'll be rockin' the house.]

5. i walk the line by the man in black (a.k.a. johnny cash).

6. fly me to the moon by frank sinatra. [gotta include one of franky's classics.]

7. these boots are made for walking by nancy sinatra.

8. dancing queen by abba.

9. toss up: straight up or cold hearted by paula abdul.

10. word up by cameo. [this song will always remind me of the same guy we saw at this one karaoke bar who always chose this song to sing every. single. time.]

do you like karaoke? or perhaps just singing in the shower? what are your favorite go-to songs? come on, baby, tell me what's the word?

and now i leave you with this...


Melissa said...

Fly me to the Moon (Astrid Gilberto version) is one of my favorite songs! We have a machine, but it never gets any use other than to play cd's. Maybe it's time for a party?

Kristin said...

Haha! oh my gosh. I had not seen that video before. Good memories :)

Corrie said...

I must add Don't Cry For Me, Argentina (the Madonna Dance Mix version) to the list. It's my go to song and it is FABULOUS!

Katie said...

I haven't had the joy of karaoke, but when Tyler was born the only songs to which I knew all the lyrics were "Oh Come All Ye Faithful", "Joy to the World", "Sunshine" by John Denver, and "Here I am Lord". You can imagine how odd it must have been to look into Tyler's room when he was a colicky baby and there I was sometime in the wee hours of the night in mismatched pj's singing these same songs over and over and the typical Raleigh hot, humid summer outside....I chuckle as I remember......maybe good karaoke singers are made in this manner?

Fresh Mommy said...

Haha, that is awesome!!! I love watching... but I'm not the best contender, it would be more like croak-ee for me! I bet you guys would be a blast to go out with though!!! :)

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