top ten tuesday

this week's top ten needs no introduction...

our top 10 favorite beers [not all are specialty beers.  some made it to the top ten because happy memories were attached to that specific brew.]:
1. conway's irish ale. [this delicious, seasonal brew is something we look forward to in march.]

2. the one and only (a.k.a. newcastle).

3.  rainier. [this brew brings back some nostalgia.  we even served it at our wedding.]

4. christmas ale. [another excellent seasonal brew from great lakes brewing company.]

5. full moon winter ale.
6. pike kilt lifter. [i remember we originally tried this one out for the name.  but it was oh, so good.  haven't been able to find it in ohio though.]

7. olympia stubby. [it was once locally brewed, but then bought out by pabst brewing.  and now it's no longer in production.  i thoughttp://www.rozis.com/ht the bottles were so cute.]

8. pabst blue ribbon (in bottles or on tap only). [yes, i know.  this one's not in the top ten because of delicious flavor...]

9.  guinness. [smooth and has a coffee flavored finish.  and you know how much i love coffee.]

10. moose drool brown ale. [i don't know that this is a favorite of aaron's, but i remember enjoying these along with some hot wings at the wing dome by our house.]
some local places we like that sells some great, specialty brews are rozi's wine house and lilly's handmade chocolates.

or you can stop by great lakes brewing company, rocky river brewing company or buckeye beer engine to enjoy some good food to go with your beer.  i think all 3 breweries allow you to take a growler home filled with your beer of choice.  yum!


The Wandering Daughter said...

I would add Blue Moon to my list. I like it a lot, especially when they put the little orange slice too.

Clint might say San Miguel Negro Modelo (I hope I didn't just butcher that name...) since it's Filipino beer.

Man, I really miss beer...

OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

Cheers and thanks for sharing a great list of Beers!! Happy spring!

Prasti said...

ooh, negro modelo. good one astrid. that was supposed to be on the list...it's good with a lime in it, and goes well with nachos, fajitas, tacos and other mexican/tex-mex/southwestern food. you are making me hungry!

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