top ten tuesday

yesterday, i was in a great mood, even though i was dead tired.  what could possible perk me up?  no.  not coffee (though it does do the trick).

i don't know if you noticed (for all you 216 residents), but it's been slightly warmer these past few days.  and all that snow that fell last week is starting to look like slush.  no.  you might not notice these things, but i have a keen eye for picking up signs of spring since i've eagerly waited for them since the very first snow fall.

the warm spring and summer months are what get me through the miserable cleveland winters (if you've read some of my older posts, i've expresed my dissatisfaction in dealing with all this cold...brrrr!).  so this week, i bring you some of the things i love about the warmer time of year.

top ten things i love about warm weather cleveland:
1. no more driving in snow and taking 20 minutes just to get out the door because you have to make   sure all your kids are bundled up (especially the baby).

2. the flowers and green foliage that bring color and cheer back to the outside world.


3. seeing everyone on our street coming out of hibernation.

4. summer nights sitting on the porch steps with my husband, chatting with each other or our neighbors, while staying cool sipping on a mint mojito or a cold one and only.

5. my feet are finally free from wool socks and boots!  hellooooo flip flops.

6. outdoor farmers markets, our weekly city fresh pick up and LEAF nights.  oh am i looking forward to this one.  all that fresh, fresh produce is going to taste soooo good!

7. booked weekends because there is always something going on here in the 216 as soon as the weather warms up.  some of my favorites: made in the 216, the streetwalk or walk+rollkidfest, car kulture show, cross point picnics at the park, the bridge project, and there are just too many to list.

8. leaving my car in the driveway for a week if want to, because i can walk to everywhere i need to go (yes, this is also possible to do in the winter, but not really that practical with little ones).

9. warm, rainy nights and that after rain smell...so fresh and sweet.

10. parks, playgrounds, outdoor walks and the beach!

just writing this list gets me excited, but i'm trying to stay calm.  since living here, i've learned not to do the happy, weather, spring is finally here dance until at least mid-april.

are you looking forward to the warm months as much as i am?


Katie said...

oh I am looking forward to spring!! so much so that I have my spring candle burning and it smells like star gazer lilies in the house....just something to get through the "hump" of a Cleveland winter....

Melissa said...

I usually don't mind winter so much, but this year is a bit different. Waiting impatiently for spring...

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