emma and i stopped by the lakewood public library today to check out their family story time. every week they have what's called the family weekend wonders program which involves stories, activities, and a craft that revolve around a specific theme.

this week's theme: owls.

all the children gathered around the floor to listen to the librarian read stories about owls, do the owl-pokey together, and the owl version of simon says. afterwards, the kids gathered around the craft tables to make their own little owls. emma did an excellent job putting most of it together. she even managed to cut out the eyes and beak by herself (as long as i held the paper). i also realized just how much more independent and "grown-up" she is now. she didn't need to sit by mama for the stories or songs, or look at me for guidance as how to follow the librarian's directions. and she even manouvered her way to her own seat without looking for help from me. *sigh*

one of the things i really appreciate about the lakewood public library are their free, educational outreach programs for children. the story time programs, family weekend wonders, and homework e.r. to name a few are some of the programs offered for kids from babes to middle schoolers. another library offering similar programs for kids in the cleveland area is the cuyahoga county public library. they have multiple branches spread out through out the cleveland area since this library system through the county.

if you live in the cleveland area, i encourage you to take advantage of all the free, helpful, and educational resources the libraries here have to offer.


SarahHub said...

Such a cute owl! We're just discovering our local library, and having so much fun!

Tabitha Blue said...

Oh how sweet. Isn't it amazing that they grow up and become independent!! And then we're left missing that reliance on us... most of the time. What a fun place to go!

ConnieK said...

We love going to weekend wonder too! I especially like the people who run the programs, they are so good with the kids!

mamajil said...


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