time for snow

ever since emma got a brick mold for christmas, she couldn't wait to use it in the snow. every time she would see snowfall she would exclaim, "NOW i can use my snow brick!" sadly (for her, not me), there was never quite enough snow to use her beloved snow brick...until last week.

we had about 6-8 inches of white powder and emma was ready to go outside, snow brick in hand. it seemed that all the kids were out enjoying the snow. so while tyler was at a neighbor's with his sled, we ventured out to have a go at making some snow bricks.

we didn't build anything with the bricks we made since the snow was too powdery. but emma was happy smashing them down with her boots and having her mama make some more (think pregnant lady bending and standing over and over and over again).

just thought i'd add that today is predicted to be a whopping 4 degrees outside, with last evening's temperatures dipping to -24 fahrenheit. so cold that it KILLED my car! i didn't realize we lived in the arctic zone.


mamajil said...

BRRRRRR!!!! Okay it was cold here this week we have had lows in the high 20's (as in 28) its in the 40's now but brrrrrrrr!!! I can not even imagine anything colder!! Next week we will be back in the 60's and last week we were in the 70's.....
The snow looks fun though!! :)
I was wondering if that brick maker was fun, my sister lives in Indiana and I had thought of sending one to her kids.....Glad Yall had fun with it!

Michelle said...

so that's a snow brick!!

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