chilly mummy, cold cat, mr. smarty pants, and a night of frozen bones

lots of big and little people roamed our streets last night, going door to door for their halloween treats.

like last year, we decided to have emma hang out with us to pass out candy, though i think this might be the last year doing that.  we have a feeling by next year, she's going to wonder why she's the only one not going door to door scoring a bag load of sweets.

ty went with the classic mummy costume this year, while his buddy stephen dressed up as a WWI soldier.  the mummification process was interesting to say the least, and by the time he returned from trick-or-treating, all the strips of fabric were falling off.  but i suppose that's part of being a mummy.

this year, emma showed more interest in getting a costume of her own.  so i whipped up a black cat ensemble for her to wear while passing out treats (notice how she already looks cold even before we began). meow!

 despite the chilly evening, our little black cat was determined to stay outside and pass out candy.  it was only after an hour that she finally agreed (with chattering teeth) to wear a coat.  and even then, it took some coaxing before i covinced her to go inside for a bit to warm up.

i wish i could have taken some photos of the trick-or-treaters that came to our door, because there were some very creative costumes out there.  a favorite was a boy with "nerd" glasses on, dressed in a button up flannel shirt, khaki pants held up with suspenders and smarties pinned all over them.

"why do you have smarties pinned all over your pants?"

"that's because i'm a smarty pants."


aaaannnnddd that's all folks!


Katie said...

That favorite boy with the smartie pants is our good friend William...I'm so glad you liked his costume! I'll pass on the compliment!! And the mummy and kitty at your house are wonderful!!

Corrie said...

Emma must take after her daddy! You'll have to get A to teach her "Stray Cat Strut!" Both are very cute!

GranolaMom4God said...

I love the blow-by-blow. That was fun to hear.

Fresh Mommy said...

Haha, she does look cold! Sweet thing! My girl kept going inside, and would run out for a piece of candy and then back inside. All dressed up.. but just a bit to cold! :)

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