top ten tuesday

the top 10 top 10 list i would have chosen to post today, but don't have enough brain power to think of 10 things (in no particular order):

1. top 10 ways to prepare bacon

 2. top 10 reasons to recycle
3. top 10 things to do besides watch the boob tube
4. top 10 reasons to own vinyl (no, not the vinyl they make for shower curtains...)
5. top 10 favorite coffee shops
6. top 10 ways to procrastinate
7. top 10 reasons to buy a new pair of shoes
8. top 10 reasons to read
9. top 10 cocktails
10. top 10 ways to get your kids to clean for you

runners up that didn't make the cut (contributed by aaron and tyler): top 10 bands, top 10 ways to wear a bathing suit (???), top 10 polka artists from the 1980s, top 10 things to throw on the ground


Melissa said...

The polka artists didn't make the cut? Oh man! :o)

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