unplug the christmas machine

so there is this book...unplug the christmas machine.  i've never heard of it before until i came across a review of it at unplug your kids.  go on over and check it out.

the book sounds intriguing.  sounds like something that would help in our quest to simplify and re-focus on christmas.  i think i might have to go to the library...


Melissa said...

Hmmm... Could you please let me know when you're done with the book so I can read it too. Definitely sounds like a book I would like to sink my teeth into. Is it at Lakewood?

little rambler said...

ooo! Please review it on here...because I am maybe slightly skeptical from the Amazon.com review (it makes me think of how the magazine Real Simple used to inspire me, until I began to realize it's nothing but one long ad for Container Store!).

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